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Our Mission

SmartHome Integration, LLC provides system packages that are highly reliable and easy to utilize in the areas of computer networking, voice communications, lighting, entertainment, comfort, and security.

Company Profile

SmartHome Integration has been involved in the study of home technology integration for over 10 years. Keeping abreast of the industry's changes and evolutions over the years has been our primary concern. SmartHome Integration has extensive networking experience in corporate America. This experience and the standards associated with the information technology sector can now be applied to the home. CEDIA® working with home builders, electronics industry association, technology industry associations, and consumer electronics association have developed a set of standards which we at SmartHome Integration adhere to. What this means to you, the homeowner or small business, is that your installation can be trusted to work with a variety of non proprietary equipment thus allowing you to expand, change and adapt to the changes in technology.

Adapting to change in the IT world is a way of life and in the home technology arena we find it to be no different. We are keenly aware of the measures needed to prepare your home to interact with you and the world. We at SmartHome Integration offer solutions that fit homeowners' needs and budget.

We also believe in training and invest our money in the training of our technicians to be qualified in the area that they work.