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Smarthome Integration, LLC, Home Automation, Cabot, AR

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SmartHome Integration becomes NEST certified!

Home Automation:

A SmartHome is a home designed to add value, comfort and convenience, energy efficiency, safety and security, future expansion and marketability to your home.

Home automation technology is a major question facing homebuyers today. More and more homeowners are opting to install advanced wiring called "structured wiring systems" behind the walls of their new or existing homes to handle the inevitable digital demand.

Structured wiring systems enable a much higher level of networking and digital communication capability. Your structured wiring system becomes the electronic foundation for a host of advanced services like telephone, broadband Internet, cable or satellite TV, computer networking, audio and video, security, even home management by replacing what is typically installed for television or telephone wiring. But perhaps most importantly, structured wiring systems have enough capacity to support current and future digital technologies.

Increase the resale value of your home while you build it...

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), in conjunction with the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), has developed a TechHome Rating system that quantifies the value of a structurally wired home. The rating system is gaining wide-spread recognition in the real estate industry.

One of the best features of a SmartHome installation is its value. While the average expense of a typical wiring system installation is 2% of a home's market value*, the potential return is significantly higher -- often reaching up to 125% of the installation cost.1

Building a new home provides a unique opportunity to wire it with a plan for future needs. A SmartHome contains the wiring substructure of the connected home of tomorrow. It means that every room from the front porch to the backyard and from the attic to the basement is wired for your current and future technology needs.

Builders say they continue to find that marketing these technologies is important; close to half of builders surveyed (49 percent) said they find it much more or somewhat more important to market these technologies today. 2

What can a SmartHome do?

A SmartHome is equipped with much more than simple computer networking or a home theater system. And, it is independent of any specific manufacturer. You can install any currently available home automation or consumer electronics equipment. Or, you can wait and install only those systems you want - at your own pace, as your needs and your budget allow. Our package provides the planning tools needed to wire a home for nine home automation sub-systems:

Security -- security sensors for windows, doors, motion, glass break, and smoke can provide critical security information about your home either at home or away.

Lighting and Shade Control -- wiring to accommodate all control system interfaces, from light switches to wall-mounted touch panels. Lighting systems control all lights in the home to create moods and accommodate special functions (home theater, safety and security). Wiring can also be provided to accommodate motorized blinds, shades, or drapery. The wiring configuration is designed to work with AC and DC motors.

Telecommunications -- dedicated lines for modem and data communications such as computers, & fax can be routed and changed for any wired room.

Climate Control -- automated climate compensation year-round. Information from your HVAC system can be fed into a central computer for single point access to your home’s current and preset configuration providing one touch access to comfort control.

Home Networking -- plug-and-play ready computer network for Ethernet (Cat 5e) enabled components. Accommodates Wi-Fi, 802.11, and Bluetooth components as well as provides a portal from the outside allowing remote monitoring or changes to be made away from the home.

Whole House Audio/Video -- sharing of multiple audio and/or video sources with multiple zones. Installation is typically built-in or hidden and allows access to music and video sources spread throughout your house.

Home Theater -- audio/video entertainment system automation to accommodate 5- or 7-channel audio, subwoofer, motorized screen, mounted projector, and direct-view monitor.

Surveillance -- wiring to accommodate B&W and color surveillance cameras, with or without audio microphones. Can also accommodate a video recording system.

Electronic Entry Access -- wiring to accommodate electronic door strikes, door locks, shear locks, doorbell intercoms, and a variety of electronic key systems can be implemented.


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Note 2: CEA's 11th Annual "State of the builder study" 

*New Construction (Renovation or retrofit costs are higher)